All Things Bade is the only website to have gotten 2 exclusive interviews! I'll be keeping you all up to date with everything Victorious here!

Liz Gillies on Figure It Out part 1 and 2! Will be uploading Avan's episode soon! Check out the Help Wanted section please and follow @xAllThingsBade on Twitter.

AMAZING new bade footage!! Sexy moves and cute kiss! BADE REUNITE!! But rumor has it, they weren't acting! It was really Liz and Avan!!

 Liz Gillies and Ariana Grande singing "Take Me or Leave Me" from Rent the musical at Ariana's 19th birthday party!

 Liz Gillies and Max Schneider's cover of "Somewhere Only We Know" is amazing and shows different tones to Liz's voice.

If you would like me to upload a downloadable version of this song, let me know and I'd be more than happy to upload it! 

This is episode footage Dan posted on his Youtube account but it was then removed shortly after. It's bade! I have heard that Tori Saves Beck and Jade will air in August, but nothing is confirmed yet! 

Avan Jogia is featuring in NakedMagazine this month and the photographer and interviewer of that shoot has agreed to give me an EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW about what it was like working with Avan!

Q. What type of style did you focus on when choosing the clothes for Avan to wear i the photoshoot? Did he have any input?

A. He chose his clothes himself, we had no input.

Q. What is Avan's personality like?

A. He's really down to earth - very nice guy.

Q. Do you enjoy working with Avan?

A. Definitely had fun during the interview and shoot.

Q. Did anything strange happen throughout the interview?

A. Nothing really out of the ordinary happened.

Q. Was Avan a natural on front of the camera?

A. Definitely a natural.

Q. Did he mention anything about Victorious? Any hints on new episodes?

A. We didn't ask much about the show.

Q. Did you ask Avan any questions that were not published in the magazine?

A. There were other questions, but my writer decides what information she shares.

Q. Did Avan mention his girlfriend Zoey at all?

A. He mentioned his girlfriend just briefly.

Q. What was Avans plans for the rest of the day?

A. His plan for the day was to get on a plane and flying back to California.

Q. How was it decided that Avan would be featuring in this months issue?

A. It was a mutual decision between his publicist and I - we both thought it would be a good fit.

Q. Is Avan funny?

A. He has a great sense of humor!

Q. I have heard that Avan highers his voice when playing Beck, is this true? (Asked by @thegirlwithfire)

A. I didn't notice much of a difference in his voice! Sounds the same.

Q. Can you take us through the shoot with Avan?

A. He was ready when we arrived at the hotel - we spent about an hour and a half with him for the interview and shoot.

Q. Would you like to stay in contact/interview Avan again?

A. Definitely plan to work together again in the future.

Q. Describe Avan in one word.

A. Humble.

Q. What are his parents names? (asked by @theykeepmealive)

A. His mom's name is Wendy.

As we were communicating through Twitter DMs, we had to keep our Q and A's short! I'd like to thank NakedMag and Catherine Powell for agreeing to give us the inside scoop about working with Avan!

Hope you liked it!

So since everyone is looking forward to "Tori Saves Beck and Jade" so much, I decided to go and secure another EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with KELLEN HUGHES MCGEE!! Kellen is guest starring in that episode and has given us the inside scoop on what it's like working with Avan AND Liz! 

1. Were you a fan of Victorious or Liz/Avan before working with them?

K: I was a fan of both of them! :) Avan used to be my celebrity crush when I was 14! I had his poster in my room!

2. What are Liz and Avan's personalities like?

K: Their personalities were so amazing. Avan and I chilled in the green room and made fun of silly shows on TV. He was such a chill guy, and Liz was a sweetheart and had me laughing the whole time. She's so nice and very very pretty in person :)

3. Did you have more scenes with Liz or Avan?

K: I had one scene in my episode and they were both in it! :D But I'm with Liz most of the scene. You'll have to wait and see :) <3

4. You have no idea how jealous I am! LOL, Were there any funny moments on set? Anything out of the ordinary?

K: Yes! At one point I was getting a piggy back from one of my co-stars named Austin who plays drums and we almost tripped on part of the set. It was hilarious because everyone started laughing at us xD

5. Hahaha! Are you able to say anything about the character you play?

K: All I can say is my character's name is Georgie. I speak no lines but I play a big song in the episode on my electric guitar. Georgie is one of Jade's friends and she has a hardcore fohawk/mohawk with a rock punk edge to her :)

6. Are you able to say who sings? I've heard it's Liz.

K: I'm not allowed to say :)

7. What is the atmosphere like on set?

K: The atmosphere is so positive and everyone is so funny.

8. This may sound strange, but Avan always seems to be running his hands through his hair a lot, is he like that on set too?

K: Yes, Avan runs his hands through his hair a lot! 

9. Has your view of Avan/Liz changed at all after meeting them in real life?

K: My views of them has just made it stronger. I love them more as people.

10. Who takes the longest in the hair and make-up room?

K: I think Daniella Monet is probably the one who took the longest in the dressing room. But she was changing her hair style so maybe that's why.

11. Do all of the cast follow you on Twitter now?

K: None of the cast follow me because I never asked them to but Liz tweeted me.

12. Is Liz and Avan anything like Jade and Beck?

K: Avan and Jade are both complete different people but I love them. Liz isn't mean at all.

13. Can you say when this episode airs?

K: The air date is unknown right now.

14. I've also heard there is a Beck and Jade kiss, is that true?

K: I can't tell if there is a kiss or not :) You'll have to see.

15. Is Avan a flirt?

K: Avan is a flirt, yes

16. Are Avan and Liz close friends?

K: Avan and Liz are both really close friends :) VERY close friends.

17. Hinting at something? Can you give an example of how they are close?

K: Hahaha no I'm not hinting :) They hugged a bunch and just talked a lot. Seemed kinda like brother and sister.

18. Describe Avan and Liz's relationship in 3 words.

K: Adorable. Epic. Playful.

19. Describe Avan in 3 words.

K: Handsome. Classy. Mysterious.

20. Describe Liz in 3 words.

K: Sweet. Hilarious. Sexy.

21. Can you describe your time on set?

K:  My time on set was incredible. One of the best experiences of my life.

22. Do any of the cast smoke or swear?

K: A few of the cast members smoke but I won't say who because I think they don't want the fans to know. They all swear haha they're normal teenagers and most all teenagers swear :)

23. It's good they are still like normal teenagers! :) Did you have to audition for the role?

K: I had to audition for the role, yes :) I had to play guitar for casting and they auditioned a lot of people.

24. You said earlier that Avan was a flirt, did he flirt with you/Liz or any other cast mates?

K: Yes Avan is a flirt, haha, he flirted with just about everyone in the cast, but he may have just been really nice :) hahahah it seemed like flirting though.

25. Hahaha, what were his skills? Did they seem to work on anyone?

K: He just smiled charmingly and talked to you while looking right into your eyes. It worked on me, I was melting! *Swoon* He's a cutie :)

26. If you were to play Cat, Jade, Tori or Trina who would it be and why?

K: I'd play Jade if I could because I've always loved her character :)

27. Are Liz and Avan tall in person?

K: Liz is the same height as me, I was just leaning in the photo of us. Avan is tall. Ariana is so short.

28. Are you a bade fan?

K. I am a bade fan yes :)

29. I know of 2 accounts claiming to be Ariana and Liz, do they have more than one Twitter account?

K: Liz and Ari have ONE account that I know of.

30. All the cast are very musical, did anyone burst into a song and dance?

K: The cast are very friendly with each other and they were all friends. They all sang most of the time. Especially Ariana.

A HUGE thank you to Kellen! She is amazing as soooo sweet and kind! Make sure you follow her @KellenMcGee So Avan really is a flirt! Even though they are now incredibly famous, they have remained normal teenagers which is refreshing to hear :)

Stay tuned for more updates! I'd love you forever if you tweeted this link to @ATJogia or @LizGillies with me tagged in it @xWannabeWestx :)

Bade are getting back together!!! The episode is called "Tori saves Beck and Jade" Jade will perform a song and there will be a bade KISS!!! Let the fangirling begin!

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