I am looking for a new source for this website. I know I have said that I will ask my Twitter friends for help but for this I need some one who has contacts and information. To apply for this position please fill out the application form below.

Here are the conditions you need to know before you apply:

1. The source's job will be to email or DM me new confirmed information about Liz, Avan, Beck or Jade and send me exclusive pictures of them.

2. You must understand that whoever I pick will not have any access to change the website, you will just be reporting the information to me.

3. Your identity is kept secret, no one else will know that you are my source as the information can be compromised.

4. You will not be a partner or co-owner of the website.

5. The information you send must not be on any other Liz/Avan website.

6. The information you send me, must not be repeated anywhere!

Hope you apply and I look forward to reading your application! You can send me a bit of information or a pic to prove you have access to the information if you like. All applications are private and only seen by me.


11/07/2012 -Shannon 

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