As there are many Bade Fanfiction stories, it can sometimes be hard to find the most interesting ones. So here you will find what I think are the best bade stories Fanfiction has to offer! As there are stories for all ages, I have split them into two catagories, K+ and T, if you would like me to add another column of M rated stories, let me know in the Feedback section.  The name of the story and author, along with the number or reviews so far, the link and a quick summary is provided below.

Rated K+ Stories:


  •  Numbers by dreamfightdo - 12 reviews:

  • Ten numbers that have a special meaning for Beck and Jade. Very sweet Bade and fluff. Complete


  • Oh, But I Did by dreamfightdo - 10 reviews:

  • Bade prompts challenge, the prompt was nail varnish, super fluffy and sweet bade! Complete


  • White by LizArianaJadeCat - 12 reviews:

  •  Beck and Jade's most important moment's and Jade wore white, written for Bade Prompts. Very sweet bade. Complete


  • Power Tools by LizArianaJadeCat - 12 reviews:

  •  Inspired by Avan's recent obsession with tools. Set in the future, Bade fluff!! Really good story and adorable bade. Complete


  • TheSlap Dot Com by GrandeGilliesFan - 10 reviews:

  •  A series of tags/missing scenes from episodes and videos. Bade fluff!! Good ideas, and Bade romance. In-progess


  • 3 Years by GrandeGilliesFan - 3 reviews:

  •  Beck and Jade reminisce. Believable storyline, really good bade, fluff and romance. Cute, good read. Complete


  • TextFighting by GrandeGilliesFan - 8 reviews:

  • One-shot based on the text-fighting scenes between Beck and Jade in Tori Tortures Teacher. Very cute bade fluff. Good read. Complete


  • I've Got Her Back by WannabeWest - 8 reviews:

  • Based off "How Trina Got In". Jade and Beck's 3 line fight leads to an unexpected revelation from Beck and Bade getting back together. Fluff and bade romance. Complete

  • Dear Jade by Victoriousjadefan - 59 reviews:

  • Beck is a popular student at Hollywood Arts. Jade is an outsider who everyone is scared of. What happens when they become pen pals? How bade met. Different view of things and a really good story. In-progress




I have sent pm's to authors whose stories I would like to feature here, so I will be adding stories as they reply to me. If you want me to add your story, or a story you think should be here, send me the link so I can have a look at it :)

Rated T Stories:


  •  Trip to Canada by WannabeWest - 212 reviews:

  • Beck and Jade take a trip to Canada to visit his family over midterm. How will his family react to Jade and her personality? What happens when Becks older cousin has a crush on Jade and makes a move? Bade fluff and romantic! In-progess


  • Missing Moments by WannabeWest - 17 reviews:

  • Missing bade scenes from each Victorious episode. Fluffy bade moments. In-progress


  • In The Dark by CalvinLovesCoffee - 183 reviews:

  • Beck/Jade oneshots, original ideas, really funny and lots of bade fluff! definitly worth the read! In-progress


  • Everything Turns Out Right by awsnapcheerio - 378 reviews:

  • Sections of Victorious episodes that have Jade being Victorious! Lots of bade! Includes all episodes aswell as some original ideas, really funny and bade fluff! In-progress


  • Playing Yesterday by chasingafterstarlight - 339 reviews:

  •  One day, Beck Oliver sends an embarrassing text to a wrong number. Little did he know that text would change his life forever. Amazing original idea, humour and romance. Complete


  • Earthquake by Tawny-Fern - 95 reviews:

  • Beck and Jade go visit Beck's family in Canada, but what will happen to them when an earthquake hits? Great idea, bade fluff and full of suspense! In-progress


  • Summer Nights by lowlaury - 248 reviews:

  • The gang of Hollywood Arts is going on a camping trip. Fun, friendship and some drama. Amazing original idea, full of bade fluff and exciting storyline. In-progress


  • Canadian Germs by meemzter - 11 reviews:

  •  Beck returns home from Canada sick, and Jade is left to take care of him. Bade fluff, romance, very good stoyrline!! Complete


  • Let It Rain by always a sucker 4 romance - 143 reviews:

  • When the group gets stuck in a storm and are forced to stay the night at Jade's house they learn that theres more to Jade that meets the eye. Bade, very sweet and bade fluff, really good storyline. Complete


  • Birthdays by meemzter - 12 reviews:

  •  It's Beck's birthday and Jade is distraught by Beck's low expectations from her and the fact that he thinks she doesn't really 'do birthdays'. Humour and bade fluff, really good storyline and very believable. Bade romance. Complete



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