So a few of you may know already that it is Lane Nappers birthday on the 22nd of June and it's Liz Gillies' birthday is on the 26th of July. As I am a huge fan of all things Victorious, I have created online cards for both Lane and Liz so people can sign them for FREE!!


  • Thank you all so much for your kind messages you wrote on Lane's birthday card! I tweeted it to him and this was his reply: "WOW! The card is KRAZY! THANK YOU AND EVERYONE SOOO MUCH! MEANS ALOT!" I'm guessing he really likes it! Thanks to everyone who participated!


  • Liz Gillies' birthday card link is here: Send the amazing Liz a birthday message! Messages for Liz must be in by the 25th of July :) Myself and Olivia (@ElavanSandwich) came up with the idea for this card.




  • For all you 13 fans, it is Eric Nelsen's Birthday on the 26th of June, and I have also created a card for him! He too is an amazing actor! Show the love! :)  This is the link for his card: All messages must be in bt the 25th of June! 


Please sign all three cards! Show your love to your favourite actors! It is GUARANTEED that Lane and Eric will see their cards, as Eric follows me and Lane DMs me almost everyday! If you sign all 3, leave a message in the Feedback section with your twitter name and I'll follow you and give you a solo shout out!


One more thing! If it's your birthday soon, or a friends birthday that loves bade, let me know in the Feedback section and I will happily wish them a happy birthday on the site! Also, if you ever make a groupcard for anyone who loves bade/elavan/liz/avan let me know and I'll sign it from the website too!

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