Exciting news Bade Lovers!!! I'm holding a Bade Test Week (BTW) where amazing prizes can be won!


What you need to know:


  • From the 1st-4th of July 2012 I will ask a series of questions each day about Beck and Jade from all episodes and Slap videos. I will confirm times when the date is closer.
  • I will be doing a live chat or if something happens, I will ask the questions over Twitter.
  • Tweet me your answer along with #BadeTestWeek using the normal Twitter, NOT the side bar of the live chat, the first person to tweet me the correct answer with the hashtag wins a prize!


I've got AMAZING prizes to give away! Such as a FOLLOW from Ariana Grande on Twitter (She agreed to this in a DM), a FOLLOW from TheSlapPage on Twitter, Victorious songs that I have downloaded from iTunes (You choose the song you want) and many more!


Follow me on Twitter for more updates: @xWannabeWestx  or @xAllThingsBade  


Send me a message in the Feedback section if you will play! Check out the Birthday Surprises section too! Thanks, I will keep you updated here too!

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