Jade West 


Jade West is HollyWood Arts' 'mean girl'. She is brutally honest, speaks how she feels and is afraid of no one. Jade has blue-green eyes with dyed black hair and wears many colourful hair extensions, such as blue, red, pink, green and white. Her star tattoo, eyebrow and nose piercing give her an intimidating edge that no other character on Victorious has.


Jade and Cat are best friends, whether Jade openly admits it or not. She 'puts up' with Andre and Robbie, she hates Rex and finds Trina extremely annoying and desperate. Tori (Vega as Jade likes to call  her) and Jade did not get off to the best start and Jade has unliked her ever since as she fears she is trying to take Beck away from her. Jade and Beck were dating for 2 and a half years in season 1, so were probably dating for around 3 years in season 3.


Jade builds walls around her feelings so she won't get hurt,  lets very few people in, and trusts even fewer. Beck was one of the ones she let in, he seemed to know everything about her. She's known at HollyWood Arts for her stubborn, dark personality, her talent and the fact the she should not be messed with. Jade only has a couple close friends, Cat and Beck was before they broke up. While they were dating, they both wore matching necklaces of a gold ring on a black chain and sometimes Beck wore a necklace with the letter J attached.


Ever since Jade and Beck broke up they have both been acting out of character. Although they have both been seen wearing their matching necklaces during different episodes, they haven't talked directly to each other since The Worst Couple. Beck has become closer to Andre and Robbie, while Jade has become sort of friends with Tori, something which she never would have done if she and Beck hadn't broken up.


Although she never openly expressed her love for Beck, she truely did (maybe still does) love him, but she couldn't lose her reputation by appearing soft. She has stayed true to her reputation and has not yet expressed her feelings about their break-up and her feelings towards Beck.  







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