Beck Oliver


Beck Oliver is HollyWood Arts' school hottie. All the girls flirt with him on a daily basis, which angers and annoys Jade immensely. He is also the calm, cool and friendly dude at HollyWood Arts. He is known for his easy going personality ans his relaxed out look on life. He sang once on the show so far as Beck concentrates mainly on acting.


During Beck and Jades' relationship, he never really showed any emotion, and gained the name "Beckbot" by bade shippers from Tumblr and Twitter, referring to Beck as a robot. He was the only one that could get through to her and Beck was the only one she took orders from, as shown in Beggin on your Knees. Beck liked to tease Jade about girls flirting with him, and about their relationship as he knows she cares a lot about him whether she admits it or not.


Beck and Jade were dating for 3 years and were very close, but now since the break-up, they haven't spoken to each other. Once again,Beck refuses to show any emotion regarding his break-up but then neither does Jade. They are both equally as stubborn as each other and both have a huge amount of self pride. 

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