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Hi everyone!! This website was set up for all the Beck and Jade (Bade) fans across the world! I will be updating the site daily with new updates and pics!


Here at All Things Bade you can watch videos, look at pictures, learn more about the characters and the actors playing them, read the best Bade fanfics from and stay updated with all things Beck and Jade.


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Liz Gillies (Jade) @LizGillies

Avan Jogia(Beck) @ATJogia

Victoria Justice(Tori) @VictoriaJustice

Daniella Monet(Trina) @Daniella Monet

Mikey Reid(Sinjin) @Mrmikeyreid

Eric Lange (Sikowitz) @MrEricLange

Leon Thomas(Andre) @LeonThomas3

Lane Napper(Lane) @LaneNapper

Ariana Grande(Cat) @ArianaGrande

Matt Bennett (Robbie) @MattBennett




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